If there is someone who has surprised us during this quarantine, it is Angela Aguilar, who headstand, with tight top and leggings, surprises Internet users, and demonstrates his skill and excellent physical condition.

The beauty Angela Aguilar He has captivated his followers, not only for his undeniable talent, in which his beautiful and powerful voice stands out, but also is beautiful and very friendly, and, as if it were not enough, he also has a beautiful figure, worthy of imitation.

In one of her Instagram Stories, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter surprised with your ability to perform various yoga poses, but the one that caught the most attention was the one that supported all the weight of his body only on his head. We even get dizzy just seeing it!

The beautiful Angela Aguilar, who recently radically changed his image, paint your hair aqua green, following the example of his father, who also dyed his beard blue; and although they remain locked up in their house, they have not stopped working, and both have continued recording in their private studio. They will surely surprise us soon with some music!

And although, for the moment, the concerts are canceled, and any type of massive presentation, suddenly, on their social networks they delight us with their talent. In addition, we can also continue to listen to Angela Aguilar on the different platforms where they have their music published.

She even recently delighted her audience accompanied by Pepe Aguilar, her brother Leonardo and two other guests, with the a cappella performance of the song “Prometiste”.

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