Angela Aguilar boasts a gift that Vicente Fernández gave her!

Angela Aguilar boasts a gift that Vicente Fernández gave her! | Instagram

The beautiful singer Ángela Aguilar showed her followers a photo of a precious gift that Don Vicente Fernandez he did, it is practically certain that everyone who saw the photo was really surprised by such an exuberant gift.

It was 12 weeks ago (February 17) that Don’s granddaughter Antonio Aguilar The interpreter of “La Malagueña” shared this photograph on his official Instagram account, although the face of the young 17-year-old celebrity is not noticeable.

Surely you did not know it, but not only Joan Sebastian was fascinated by horses, but Vicente Fernández also, in fact in practically all the films in which he participated he always had scenes on horseback, so he is an excellent rider, just as it was at the time the grandfather who Angela Aguilar.

Knowing this, you will already imagine where the gift that the Charro de Huentitán to the beautiful singer and youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar, the interpreter of “These Celos” has perhaps several ranches and precious stallions, in fact one of them or perhaps all three appeared in Mexican soap operas such as “Fueg * en la s * ngre” starring by Eduardo Yáñez and Adela Noriega, being the main couple.

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Speedy It is the name of the horse that Fernández gave to the beautiful Angela, who was riding it in the photograph he shared a few months ago, Aguilar’s figure and hair are immediately identified, perhaps that is why it was not so necessary to corroborate that it was indeed her .

Probably he also had not realized that the photo was taken, that is why he looks so good, the bearing he has to ride and look splendid is surely due to the fact that he has years of practice, since his family is also owner of ranches and they are fascinated the horses because this is not the first time that we see her riding one, she already does it in a professional way.

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And come back, come back celebrating Mr. Don Vicente by assembling his gift, the Speedy, “Angela wrote.

The publication has 807,343 red hearts, apparently the detail was also liked by its fans and they made this known in their 2,082 comments on the image.

The horse that is dark brown has some small braids in his hair with a kind of yellow clasps that stand out in his coat, he looks young because he is not very tall, Angela is wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeved high-neck blouse too He wears a mask and his hair is loose and short.

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In the background we find several trees, it is more than obvious that it is located in one of the properties of the family because fortunately they have the opportunity to house several equine specimens, especially since you can also see one in the background in a lighter brown color .

From what we can see throughout her account on Instagram, Angela Aguilar, interpreter of “En Realidad”, has several horses in addition to Speedy, we also find “Troyano” a beautiful black stallion that is the one with which she has taken the most photos until the moment, as far as you can see this is his favorite.

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Another one that we found was “El Caralinda”, his grandmother Flor Silvestre was the one who baptized him that way, this beautiful animal is honey-colored with a white head and very clear eyes, at the moment these are the ones that have shared the name, but in some In photos we also see other beautiful specimens, in white with quite long hair and a light brown one with which he has funny photos.

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