Anelka leaves the sports management of a small club in just three months

05/04/2021 at 7:14 PM CEST

The former French international Nicolas Anelka, a former Real Madrid and Chelsea player, announced on Tuesday that he is leaving the sports management of the Hyères, club of the French fourth division in which he assumed the position only three months ago.

Anelka, 42, justified her resignation at the head of the Hyères Football Club sports project due to the stoppage of non-professional competitions due to the pandemic.

“I do not see a projection in the short or medium term for amateur football. My experience and knowledge will not be of any use at the moment”, said in a statement the former striker, considered one of the “terrible enfants” of French football.

The former footballer had taken by surprise the reins of Hyères FC, a regional club located in the eponymous town in southeastern France, bathed by the Mediterranean.

Anelka had her last experience as a professional footballer in 2015 at the Indian club Mumbai City, in which he combined the functions of player and coach.

Between 2018 and 2020 he worked in the interior categories of Lille, until in February 2021 he signed for Hyères FC