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The birth of her first male grandson filled the hearts of Anel Noreña, who is anxiously waiting to meet the baby, while she is confined at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, that has not prevented the proud grandmother from speaking out through the media for a detail that at first caught her attention, because upon learning that the boy was named José Patricio, did not entirely agree. The truth is that beyond this, the actress celebrates that everything has been wonderful for her daughter Sea and sun, who just a couple of days ago introduced his “little prince” on social networks.

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 Anel Noreña


When asked if she believes her grandson can inherit her grandfather’s talent, José José, the former model set her position, stressing the importance of allowing the little one to demonstrate his own vocation over time before making any conjecture. . “I don’t think it’s the best thing that can happen to the child. I would wait for me, to see what it brings for itself, not because they give it a name, right?“He said most sincerely during a telephone interview with the television program Sale El Sol.

Of course, during the talk he deepened his opinions, expressing the firm reason why he believes that the baby’s name must have been simply Patrick. “I am seeing that José Patricio, but they had agreed that nothing more Patricio, precisely so as not to put burden on an angel that you do not know what he is going to like. I think it’s like throwing out the child like his grandfather, if so, what a father, I’m not saying no …“He added, to admit that it was through a publication that he could have clear the name chosen by the parents.

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 José Patricio

In that same space, Anel said she was very grateful, because despite the arrival of the baby occurred in the midst of the pandemic, -something that worried the family from the first moment-, finally everything went as planned. “They had to put up with fear because what are you doing? If the boy came for caesarean section because it was, Mary tells me, that scheduled … it was the week of the peak (of COVID-19 infections), whatever that means and thank God everything perfect … “said Anel, who has shown very optimistic throughout these days.

For now, Anel awaits the arrival of the day when he can meet his family again, especially with the baby, although he admits that he keeps a very special detail that allows him to remember daily the great love he has for the new member of the family. “With the joy and sadness of not being able to carry it, of not being able to eat it with kisses, to him, to Elenita, to my son-in-law. I still do not know him in person, but I have his photo … we still have not agreed to make a video call … “, he said.

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 Marysol Sosa