Andy Ruiz attacks Dillian Whyte and sends him a warning

It seems that Andy ruiz will look for another fight this year, first against Chris Arreola, then go for another heavyweight and thereby make it clear that he’s ready to return to the top of boxing.

Andy ruiz I would seek to settle the contest before Dillian Whyte, who in recent weeks has declared and mocked the return to the ring of the former champion world heavyweight.

“I have not seen the video, I am focused on Chris Arreola, First. But if he is talking (Dillian Whyte) It is because my mind loves me chi #% * or I do not know what his goal is. I’m ready to Chris arreola And God willing, we won on May 1 and if they want to fight later, they have to. Why speak on social networks, I spoke with my fists, we are MexicanRuiz said.

Even his father has also stated in various interviews that the next one on the list would be Dillian whyte and with it, try to close his mouth.

For now, Andy Ruiz, will go up to the ring this May 1 before Chris Arreola.

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