Although in social networks he plays several roles, among them that of having fun through his jokes, Andy Roddick He is always a listened and authorized voice when analyzing and commenting on the current situation of the circuit, especially because he was able to live, coexist and compete with the three best players of this century, and perhaps in history. And we say ‘can’ because precisely the North American has wanted to relativize the value of choosing one over the other in the fight for the ‘GOAT’.

The former world number 1 is convinced that right now it makes little sense. “I think it’s silly. It’s like handing out the Oscars before seeing the end of a movie. It really doesn’t make much sense. If you pick one, the other two will feel disrespected. It’s too early. It’s trying to guess like it’s a medical professional. I think we are lucky to have Roger, Rafa and Novak still active and we have to stay with that. “

Among other questions, asked in a recent interview on ‘Tennis Chanel’, Andy recalled the game that revealed that the level of ‘Big3’ was something else. At the 2012 Olympics, Novak Djokovic overwhelmed Andy. “He was like a child on the court. I was going to leave there feeling like I was playing well, but Djokovic just hit me like a drum. That was one of the first times that I thought this game was a little different than what I was used to. These guys are from another planet. That game shocked me, the way he played was revealing. “

Among many of the records with which Roddick can compare figures from the past, is that of consistency on all surfaces, which for Roddick is incredible. “When you look at Pete Sampras, you know he would win one slam a year, two if he had a great year, but with much more assiduity he could lose in the third or fourth round. These guys add semifinals continuously. It’s crazy. “