Few men in the world are able to better explain what the emergence of tennis meant for tennis. Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard emerged at a time when a previous batch of players was still in place, trying to fight the power established by Roger Federer. But soon they realized that not only would they succeed, but that another monster of the racket was joining the party. Andy Roddick He is one of them, so it is very interesting to know his opinion about the Balearic Islands after his 34th birthday and the fact that he remains in the elite at his age, something unsuspected for many, including the Nebraska as recognized on Tennis.com.

“I love Rafa, I admire him very much because I don’t think there is an athlete who better expresses what it means to continually improve and adapt to circumstances. It is incredible how he has sacrificed himself throughout his career, how he has worked hard to find solutions and change his game. There is a remarkable difference between the punches of the teenage Nadal that I faced at the beginning and the current Nadal. That is what sums up his greatness and one of the things that cause him to be one of the most admired athletes in all the world, “assured whoever it was world number 1, who saw the faces with Rafa in 10 occasions.

The first time she faced him was in the second round of the US Open 2004. Nadal had turned 18 a few months ago and they were measured in the second round, where Andy won 6-0 6-3 6-4. His other wins over the Balearic Islands came in Dubai 2008 and Miami 2010, conceding seven defeats against the Spaniard, the last one at the US Open 2011. “When I saw him play for the first time, at 17, I was very surprised by his energy, but I thought that guy at 25 or 26 would be completely physically melted. What amazes me the most about him is that he has had a lot of injuries, but he has recovered and has made each one stronger, “said one Andy Roddick passionate about what he’s getting Rafael Nadal.