Andy Murray, Olympism and tennis in Tokyo 2021

His figure already exceeds the world of tennis, he is something much more than a legendary athlete who has had to carve out his glorious career against three of the best in history. Andy Murray he is winning hard to be remembered as an excellent player, but above all, as a true ambassador of tennis and a benchmark on a social level. Involved in the fight for gender equality, a firm activist against racism and an indelible lover of the purest values ​​of sport, Dunblane attends the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games that two years ago seemed like a chimera for him, but in the who will participate thanks to his effort, improvement and passion for this sport. Olympism in its purest form that it transmits in a very emotional writing.

“This appointment means a lot to me, it is very exciting to attend as a defending champion and I am eager to face this challenge. The Games are the most important competition on the planet and, as athletes, we train very hard for moments like this. This time we will experience something the only fruit of the effort and incredible resilience of athletes, fans and everyone involved in making this happen, “he said. “Overcoming barriers and difficulties is what defines competing at the highest level. The ups and downs are inevitable and now it is more important than ever that many people re-experience the pure excitement of sport, celebrate the achievements of athletes around the world and get excited. every day, “said a Murray who is fully aware of the critical situation in which many people find themselves.

Precisely for this reason, it appeals to the values ​​of Olympism as a recipe to emerge stronger from a critical moment at the world level. “The Olympic spirit can be a ray of hope and inspiration for all those who are having a very bad time and who have lost loved ones in the last year and a half. In times of difficulty, sport is not only necessary, but seems vital. Excellence, respect, friendship, giving value to the little things of the day to day, have become more important than ever and gave us all hope in the worst moments. Sport is not just a right fundamental, but it stands as one of the most powerful tools to heal and strengthen our society, such as the promotion of physical activity or the support of mental health, “he said.

Murray does not give up the option to get an Olympic gold

There was also room for Andy Murray assess on a personal level what these mean Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 for him, after all he’s been through. “They are very significant to me. I know the anguish of missing an important event, as well as the physical impact that elite sport has on us. I deeply regret the situation of those athletes who, with the change in dates, have not I was able to come, as I also greatly regret that there is no public since I highly value the connection with the fans. My goal is none other than to win a medal for my country, and ideally gold, “said a man who has won the heart of all sports lovers.

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