Andy Murray: “If my body is okay, I know I can do it right”

The simple fact of having him active and in the big tournaments is already a joy, although the months go by and the mentality of Andy Murray It has changed a bit compared to a few months ago. The Brit is still struggling to regain his highest level, although many think it is too late at 34. With that unknown on the table comes Wimbledon, the tournament where the Scotsman was inducted into the history books after his feat in 2013. Will Ser give here the turning point he’s looking for? These were the player’s comments at a press conference.

Wimbledon returns

“Personally, it means a lot to me, I don’t know for the UK. I think for most people I have probably had other, more important things to think about in the last 18 months. I am delighted to be racing here again, I am excited to be in front of the crowd again, it is something that I have really missed a lot. I know it is normal, but it becomes very special to see that we are a couple of days away from the start of the tournament and all the players are here, doing their things, practicing or talking to the press. Little by little we are getting closer to normality, so I am very happy ”.

Pre-tournament training

“The preparation has been good, I have had good training sessions with some of the best players, although I would have liked to practice a little more. I’m trying to improve my physical appearance, which is very important, I want to go to Wimbledon feeling as fresh and comfortable as possible. I would say that the time I spent on the court was good, playing with Roger was really great for me, they are the kind of things that 6-7 years ago I would not have seen the same way. I would have seen it as more of a top-level training before a Grand Slam, focusing only on me, so now I appreciate things much more ”.

London and Tokyo, two special stops

“They are two great events that I look forward to, I just hope that the body stands firm for both of us and gives a good account of myself. The training sessions have gone well but they are not the most important thing either, that is, if I have played well in those practices it does not mean that I will hit the track later and they cannot beat me. At the moment, I am competing well against all the players I played with, that is the positive for me, one of the reasons that makes me think that, if my body is good, I can do well. I can go back to competing with the best on big stages ”.

The idea of ​​withdrawal

“This is something I’ve been doing all my life, so quitting would be very difficult. Of course I miss games, playing in a center court, things like that. I miss the pressure of those moments, they are experiences that I am looking forward to feeling again. I think it’s been like 6-7 that I didn’t fear this pressure, there were moments in my career where I was really anxious to live those moments, now I just want to get that pressure back, I want to at least try. There are several things that I love about tennis, even the daily routine of things, the fact of improving day by day is something that I love. Everything comes into play ”.

Between the physical and the mental

“I have found that the most difficult thing is the preparation for the tournaments, I think Roger mentioned it not long ago after Halle. I have had mentality and preparation problems in recent years, many injury problems, I know how hard I have to work to overcome each one of them, something that I also suffered at Queen’s. I was desperate to play there, but I thought about the risk of injury and the possibility of missing Wimbledon, I don’t want something like this to happen to me again, as it already happened to me at the Australian Open. Managing that mental part is very complicated, when I enter the court and play I imagine it will be very different. If my body hurts later, well, that’s fine, the accumulation of minutes is also difficult, but I must keep the same mentality that I have in training ”.

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