It is well known the intention of Andy Murray to equalize the visibility of men and women within professional tennis. A fight that seems to have everyone on the same side, but not everyone pushes with the same force when they have a microphone in front of them. The British does, and in his last talk with the newspaper Meter what it does is aim at a territory still to be exploited: the mixed tournaments. According to Dunblane, it is a lost opportunity that is occurring on the tour by not bringing together the best to compete in this type of format.

“Put tennis matches like people like Serena Williams or Roger Federer on the same court It is a brilliant idea for our sport, even if it is not currently being done. We can do it, it is an option on the table that we should study in detail, not necessarily every week but we should do it from time to time. That would be a great thing ”, develops the former World No. 1, someone who in his last seasons has dropped more times for the doubles and mixed tables.

The best possible example, even if it is an event already extinct after the arrival of the ATP Cup, is the Hopman Cup, one of those classic early season stops that nobody wanted to miss. “I think that sports lose a great opportunity with this current system. The Hopman Cup, for example, was a brilliant event, in my opinion. The players enjoyed it a lot, perhaps my only criticism was that sometimes an exhibition atmosphere was breathed in according to which games. I played this competition many times and I was always delighted, it was a great event ”, remembers the 33-year-old tennis player.

Andy is clear, he would also be delighted that tennis not only welcomed this new modality with more intensity. “I would like to see Rafa, for example, playing with some of the best players in the women’s wardrobe. The day I saw Roger and Serena play together was fantastic, they were interested in what they were doing and I am sure they also enjoyed it a lot from the outside. I think the same could be done in golf, it would be interesting to see a mixed Ryder Cup event ”, completes the British, present this week in the second edition of the Battle of the Brits, event that has its respective box of mixed doubles.