Google is going to take advantage of the accelerometers of mobiles around the world to detect earthquakes.

Google has decided to take advantage of the existence of millions of Android phones scattered around the world loaded with sensors, for make them pocket seismometers.

The company today announces a new earthquake detection system integrated directly into the platform, which will warn users before any type of tremor to get prepared and take shelter if necessary.

All Android phones work together to detect earthquakes.

Millions of Android phones will work together to detect earthquakes

As announced by the company, to develop this function we have collaborated with the United States Geological Survey organization and the California emergency office, in addition to using ShakeAlert to detect tremors.

According to Google, all Android devices can be part of this system, whatever part of the world we are in.

All of them use the accelerometer to identify signs that indicate tremors. When the system detects one whose pattern resembles that of previous earthquakes, the terminal will send a signal to the server along with abstract location data, and will check the information with the rest of the data sent through other devices. Google indicates that no personal data will be shared.

On the other hand, the signature indicates that this function will only be available when the mobile is plugged into the power, so that the impact on energy consumption is minimal.

At the moment, the function is not operational although any Android user can activate it manually In the next weeks. The feature will arrive via an update from Google services, so there will be no need to wait for a system update.

It is necessary to comment that the long-term plan is create an earthquake detection API that any manufacturer, including Apple, can integrate into their own devices.

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