Android apps on Windows 11 will work on AMD and ARM processors

Among so many features revealed during the launch of Windows 11, one of the most impressive is the support for running Android apps. To achieve this, Microsoft has not only partnered with the Amazon Appstore, but also has adopted Intel Bridge technology.

This compiler is what enables Android apps to run on Windows 11 computers that use processors based on the x86 architecture. According to The Verge, the novelty is that this function not only available on computers with Intel CPUs, but they will also work with AMD models.

But that’s not all, as teams with ARM-based hardware will also take advantage of this opportunity. In this particular case there is still not much information about it, because the devices they would not need the intermediation of Intel Bridge to run the applications on the revamped OS. Microsoft will surely give more details on this in the future.

Android Apps on Windows 11: Compatibility Equal to Performance?

Android apps on Windows 11 will also work on computers with AMD or ARM-based hardware

That Intel Bridge allows the use of Android apps on Windows 11, but not only on computers with processors of the same brand, raises important questions: Does Microsoft guarantee that the quality of execution is identical in all architectures? Will the performance of apps on AMD and ARM-based hardware be the same as on Intel?

At the moment the information related to the subject is very scarce. When preview versions of the operating system are released in the Windows Insider program, we will be able to learn more about the details of this integration.

It is worth mentioning some details that were known after the presentation of Windows 11. To run Android apps from the Microsoft Store it will be necessary to have an Amazon account. Also, the first time you try to download an application -TikTok, for example- the Amazon Appstore app will be installed on your computer. This condition should not generate too many inconveniences, since it is a step that will not be repeated in the future.

Windows 11 will arrive with a completely revamped Microsoft Store, and the Redmond firm will allow developers to keep 100% of its revenue. In any case, there will be a limitation for this possibility, since it will not apply to the publication of video games in the store.

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