Android apps come to your PC with Windows 11

It’s official now: Android apps land on Windows through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has dropped the bomb during the presentation of the new version of its operating system: Android apps will be available on Windows after the arrival of Windows 11, thanks to the integration of the Amazon App Store in the Microsoft Store.

In this way, it will be possible download and install Android apps on any Windows 11 PC, in a totally simple way and without the need to resort to third-party tools such as emulators.

Android apps are officially coming to Windows 11.

You can install Android apps on Windows 11

As confirmed by the company itself, Windows 11 will allow users to download Android apps through the Microsoft Store.

To achieve this, Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to give Windows users access to the Amazon App Store and its entire catalog of applications and games.

Intel is the company that provides the emulation technology necessary to bring this idea to reality, through Intel Bridge Technology. It will be necessary to see, therefore, how many apps are supported and how you work those that are. Also, do not forget that the lack of a Google services framework in Windows 11 it can translate into a important limitation regarding the functions available in the apps.

Android apps come to your PC with Windows 11

In any case, it is undoubtedly an important advance, which puts Windows 11 at the level of macOS in terms of the compatibility of its apps with mobile versions, with the advantage that in the case of Windows no need for developers to work on creating custom versions.

It is planned that Windows 11 lands in October in the first teams. It will be a free update for those who have a previous version, and from July 28 it can be downloaded through the Microsoft Insider program.

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