Android 12 will automatically determine if a notification sounds or not

Android 12 Developer Preview continues to reveal exciting news. One of them has been recently discovered by XDA-developers, who have found an instruction that automatically determines whether a notification should sound or be silent. In this first version of Android 12, this functionality is still it is not operational, but it is expected that in future updates it may be available.

Luckily, the XDA team was able to run the instruction to show the new feature through a couple of screenshots. In the images you can see how, upon receiving a notification, we have three options available: Automatic, Default and Silent. This will allow us to select an individual order for each application regardless of what we have set in the general settings.

That is, if we have our terminal in silent mode, we can activate notifications only for specific applications. Or we can also let the system determine, automatically, whether or not it should ring. To do this, we will only have to access the settings by clicking on the gear that will appear within the notification.

In addition to notifications, Android 12 will come with many new features

Android 12 notificationsAndroid 12 – xda-developers

Although at the moment Android 12 is in a very early version, they have been discovered news of interest to users. During the next few weeks, new versions will begin to be released that will provide stability, bug fixes and new functionalities. Not only will it do so with complementary news to the current version, Android 12 will also facilitate the installation of third-party application stores and improve the security of the operating system.

Although it is still early to check the stability and performance, we can see that the visual aspect takes on a more minimalist section with more detailed information in the widgets.

Another key to Android 12 is found in the privacy section towards users, which will allow more efficient control of elements such as the microphone, cameras or geolocation. In case some of these elements were running in the background, we would receive a warning through a pop-up window. The final version for all users could be ready by the end of this year. Everything will depend on the stability of the system and the support of the developers through their feedback.

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