Android 12, some of its features leaked to date such as its internal firewall or improvements for games

We are in 2021 which means that at some point in the season the next version of Android should arrive. Observing the experience of recent years, no one doubts at this point that what we will see will be Android 12 and some leaks are already beginning to appear among the specialized media.

But in addition to these leaks, Google itself has also slipped some of its future features, features based on suggestions from developers who produce apps and games for the operating system. For example, a better integration of other app stores with Google Play, but we are going to collect everything filtered and commented on so far.

Some improvements coming to Android 12

As we discussed in the introduction, Google has listened to its developers and has expressed the hope that the next version of Android (see Android 12) will make it easier to install other app stores on mobile phones. Google will also make changes to the Google Play payment policy and will make your payment system mandatory for in-app purchases as well as in subscriptions or purchases of products in the cloud.

In addition to this, everything indicates that Google would be implementing a proprietary firewall in the guts of Android 12. This has been revealed through the code of what appears to be the next version of the operating system. This code refers to a « restricted network mode », a firewall that would prevent access to the Internet to apps not authorized by the system, which could contribute a higher degree of security against malware attack, pirated applications, and other malicious software.

Improvements for apps, security, gaming experience and multitasking

Managing installed but deprecated apps Android 12 would also be being improved for the future. Apparently, Google would be working on adding a new state for apps that have not been used for a long time. The current states of the installed apps (started, paused, resumed, stopped, destroyed) would be joined by a sixth state: hibernated. It is not clear what will happen to those apps that the system will freeze due to their low frequency of use but in principle its use of the phone’s resources would be limited to provide greater fluidity to the rest.

Google will improve split screen app management with ‘App Pairs’

Among the latest filtered features we also find a new split screen app manager, one that will apparently receive the name of ‘App Pairs’ and that it will make it easier to use two apps at the same time. Google could allow you to select two apps from the list of recent apps and pair them so that they open directly in split screen. We do not know if this can be prefixed so that they always open in pairs or if it will have to be activated in each execution.

Android 12 should be known soon as the open beta program should conclude with its launch in August or September

Finally, Android 12 could include full support for vibration on physical controls, something that would greatly improve the gaming experience with a mobile phone, tablet or television that incorporates that version of the operating system. Thus, Android 12 would allow these physical controllers to be synchronized as complete game controllers, which would allow to exploit the internal vibration mechanisms of those who have them, such as the controllers of the PS5 or the new Xbox Series S and Series X.

All this falls within the pools of future functionalities of an Android 12 that we should know the first half of this year, since the different beta phases must be developed before a definitive launch that would take place, if the calendar does not deviate too much compared to previous generations, about the months of August or September.


Android 12, some of its features leaked to date such as its internal firewall or improvements for games