Android 12 could include big changes to notifications and widgets

05/18/2021 at 2:34 PM CEST

It’s no secret that Google will talk about Android 12 at its annual conference, dubbed I / O 2021 this year. But what it was not clear what to expect from this virtual event. Now there has been more talk of what we will find, and it may not be just one visual enhancement of the operating system, but it will bring some functional changes. The most remarkable thing is that Android 12 is going to reinvent notifications by grouping them together and telling you on the lock screen “what have you missed”.

In addition, you will see new widgets and buttons that will be truly attractive. As well as new options for weather options. The presentation could also provide more questions about the new and refreshing visuals of Android 12. At the top of the Rounded corners for a more fluid look with lots of transitions and effects. Google could be focusing on bringing a great level of cleanliness.

There is no guarantee that we will see this during the Google I / O stream. However, it looks like we will see it in conjunction with the Acclaimed Google Pixel 6 leak.

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