Android 12: a presentation video is leaked

Now only missing two days for the presentation of Android 12 in Google I / O 2021, the Google event for developers that, despite having that specific audience in principle, also attracts the interest of a much wider audience, since it is usually the showcase to present some news from the search engine company that, sooner or later, will have an impact on the day-to-day life of the users of any of the products and / or services signed by the company.

A clear example of this we have in the annual Android presentations, this year Android 12, and that so far has only seen the light in beta versions aimed at developers, without the company having made a public presentation of what we can expect of the next version of Google’s operating system for smartphones and mobile devices. This is one of the most anticipated acts of the event, and surely one of those who will have the most attendance.

During these months, revelations have been added when analyzing the versions for developers with some leaks and rumors, which already allows us to get a rough idea of ​​what Android 12 will offer us. However, you can always go one step further, and again Jon Prosser, probably one of the most popular leakers today, has done so by posting a promotional video, supposedly official, Android 12.

In the video we can verify something that we already expected, and that is Android 12 interface is going to undergo a major facelift, with the redesign of many of its elements, changes in their location and operation and new functions that, if confirmed, will undoubtedly be very appreciated by a large part of the user community.


From what we can see in the video, it seems that, with Android 12, Google continues to advance on the path of simplified design, clean and, with what I have seen of Android 12, I would say that also elegant. But beyond the visual aspect, which is obviously important, there are also improvements, for example in the way in which notifications are indicated, and which now becomes a discreet globe next to the clock, in the upper left corner.

We also see changes to the lock screen (larger clock and notifications), a new keyboard, although at the moment there are no signs of the new privacy features. However, the Android 12 presentation video obtained by Prosser it does mention that it will include security and privacy improvements, so that surely in the presentation these will be announced and explained. Another very interesting phrase in the presentation is “all your devices work better together”, which suggests that Android 12 will also have improvements in terms of its interaction with other devices.

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