Andrew Lincoln confirmed when Rick Grimes returns

Rick Grimes disappeared from The Walking Dead universe, but Andrew Lincoln revealed when the character will return.

The Walking Dead is getting closer to reaching its end. The most famous zombie series will say goodbye to its fans with its season 11. In this way, with a closing so close, fans are wondering if they will see Rick Grimes again. For this reason, Andrew Lincoln revealed when the character will return.

A few years ago, Andrew Lincoln announced at San Diego Comic-Con that he was leaving The Walking Dead. Although many rumors appeared from the beginning, he himself said that the decision was made by his family, who live in the United Kingdom, while he spent almost 10 years in the United States filming.

It’s been a long time since fans last saw Rick Grimes. Recall that in the fifth episode of the ninth season, a helicopter took him away from Alexandria, after blowing up a bridge to stop the walkers, which leaves him seriously injured, but alive.

When is Rick coming back?

Andrew Lincoln confirmed when the character returns to the universe of The Walking Dead, which will have a trilogy of films: “We are very excited because at the slightest opportunity to do so we will begin production. There is talk that it will be in spring (March-July 2022). I can’t wait to put on my cowboy boots again.

“In the beginning, I didn’t miss the show very much because it was a great ending to my story on television. I could say yes I’ve missed Rick He’s a great character and I love being Rick, ”she said. That said, Andrew Lincoln is now ready to step back into Rick’s shoes and advance the trilogy of films focused on that character.