Andrew Garfield wouldn’t be the first actor to falsely deny his role in the MCU

One of the big news today was that Andrew Garfield categorically denied that he is going to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This destroyed the hopes of the fans. For months and months it has been speculated that the actor would again play Peter Parker along with Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire in what would be the MCU version of Spider-Man: A New Universe – 100%. This rumor began to gain traction when it was revealed that Jamie Foxx would reprise his role as Electro who fought Garfield’s Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro’s Menace – 52%. Recently it seemed completely confirmed when Alfred Molina revealed that he would return to play Doctor Octopus from the film starring Tobey Maguire. The internet celebrated the news.

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Now Andrew Garfield He sank everyone’s hopes by saying that this is not the case and that if it were, they would have called him by now. They have not done it. The question here is: That the actor denies it is reason enough to believe him? No. Many think that it could be that the actor has signed a confidentiality agreement and is simply not allowed to reveal that he is going to be in the movie. As Comic Book has noted, this would not be the first time this has happened.

In 2013 it was already known that Paul Rudd was going to play Scott Lang. The actor spent the entire year denying it. Even in an interview on December 11 of that year, he said: “Those are pure rumors. I do not know anything. I am sorry”. Eight days later Marvel confirmed that he would be Ant-Man.

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In 2015 Brie Larson was asked if she was going to play Captain Marvel. At that time he denied it and even played with the mind of the media saying that he did not know who Danver is and even confused the character with Captain America. In July 2016, it was confirmed that she was going to be in the movie.

Last year it was leaked that Tatiana Maslany was going to be She-Hulk in the eponymous Disney Plus series. In October the actress flatly denied that she was involved in that project:

That’s not really a real thing and it’s like a press release that got out of hand. It’s not at all – I’ve been connected to these things in the past and the press has found out about it, but it’s not really a thing, unfortunately. Yes, I don’t know how this happens. I do not know. I do not know. You know better: I have no idea.

Within weeks of that statement we learned it was false.

These three examples leave completely open the possibility that we are facing another example of an actor who is contractually obliged to deny his participation in a Marvel film. This could be the case, but it also might not be. Do not rule out the possibility that the film brings with it the villains of the arachnid multiverse, but not its heroes. It is a possibility that should not be taken lightly. It is likely that in the following months we will already know if indeed Garfield it’s not going to appear in the MCU.

Moreover, he is not the only actor who has denied appearing in Spider-Verse. Not long ago Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced the arachnid in the 1990s cartoon, denied that it was to appear in the sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe:

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the rumor that has been circulating on the internet and has actually gotten some traction. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about him, which says I’m somehow involved or in negotiations to be involved in the next Spider-Man movie. I wish it was true. That would be the coolest thing. Unfortunately, it is completely false. There is not a shred of truth in that rumor. I don’t know how these rumors start. I do not know. Like I already said, I wish it were true because it would be tremendously amazing to be a part of the Spider-Man movie. But it is not true. I wish it were. So I just wanted to clear that up for anyone who was curious about the matter.

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