Andrew Garfield denies involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Promotional image of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The actor Andrew Garfield has given a recent interview, and evidently the subject of his participation or not in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. For months rumors of the Spider-verse for this third film have been sounding, and these every time seem to be sounding louder. However, the return of actors Tobey Maguire and Adrew Garfield in their respective versions of Spider-Man is not yet official.

Speaking with Joshua Horowitz, he has asked him directly about this question, and as expected, whether it is true or not, the actor has flatly denied that we are going to see him in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

The actor has acknowledged that has a fake Twitter account with which he begins to “observe”, and has related how he directly “freaks out” to see how the fans get excited every time this song comes up, and he cannot believe it, because he assures that there is nothing of truth behind from them. Garfield claims that no one has contacted him to participate in the third

There’s nothing that can be ruined, ”Garfield says when Horowitz tells him that he doesn’t know how to bring up Spider-Man without ruining anything.

I have this Twitter account and I see how often Spider-Man is trending and it’s like people are going crazy over something. And I wish I could say to everyone, ‘Guys, I recommend you relax.’

I can only speak for myself. They may be doing something, but I didn’t get that call..

Garfield also refers to the fact that he feels he has to constantly convince everyone:

Have you ever played the game of Werewolf or Mafia? Do you know that game? I think it’s something similar, where you convince everyone that you’re not in the Mafia? I feel like I’m in a Werewolf or Mafia game where I’m not the Werewolf. I promise you, I’m not the Werewolf, and everyone says, ‘You’re the Werewolf! You are the werewolf, look at him, he’s doing that!

Finally, Garfield reaffirmed that he will not appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home:

I have not received any calls… I would have already received a call.

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