Andrea Pirlo explains the meeting between Allegri and Agnelli

04/06/2021 at 7:51 PM CEST

Alberto Teruel

Andrea Pirlo’s continuity at Juventus hangs by a thread. After a bad season for the Bianconero team, fourth in Serie A and eliminated in the second round of the Champions League, rumors that place the Italian coach away from Turin are becoming more frequent. Last Saturday, several Italian media revealed a meeting between President Agneli and Massimiliano Allegri, a former Juventus coach and a serious candidate to replace Pirlo on the bench.

Andrea Pirlo has confirmed that the rumors about that meeting are true, but he did not want to give them importance. “The president himself warned me of this meeting, it is normal that it can take place. Besides football, there is friendship. It’s as if I were going to have dinner with Maldini and they said that I would go to train at Milan. I have constant contact with the president and his trust gives me peace of mind. ”

Despite the confidence shown by Pirlo, he is aware that Juventus must improve drastically to secure his position as coach. “Obviously, my continuity will depend on the results“. Juventus-Napoles this Wednesday, a game postponed up to two times due to the health crisis, seems definitive in the future of the Italian coach, since a defeat would drive the Bianconeros away from the Champions positions.

However, the Italian coach does not seem to feel pressured by the magnitude of the confrontation, nor does he believe that this is final for his European aspirations. “It is not the last chance for the Champions League, it will be a clash between two teams with the same goal and the same desire“The match was scheduled for October, but Napoli, with two positives in the squad, did not travel due to a decision by the local health authority.