Andrea Legarreta responds to those who point out that her husband Erik Rubín was unfaithful to her – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

After Erik Rubín was seen at a party accompanied by a young and beautiful influencer, the host Andrea Legarreta responded to the controversy by assuring that the infidelity was not true.

In addition, in a humorous way, he hinted that now you can no longer dance with anyone to avoid thinking that they are doing something wrong.

Let’s remember that Andrea Legarreta and the former Timbiriche recently celebrated their 21st anniversary and celebrated the graduation of one of their daughters together.

During the live broadcast of the morning ‘Hoy’, after dancing between her colleagues Paul Stanley and Raúl ‘El Negro’ Araiza, to present the section ‘Breakfast and gossip’, the famous woman said that she was no longer going to dance with anyone to avoid new rumors.

“Better not dance anymore and I sit down, do not say that I walk with you because I dance next to you,” he said while addressing Paul and then Raúl.

Immediately afterwards, the driver Legarreta was questioned by her partner and friend, Galilea Montijo about whether she was with ‘El Negro’ Araiza, to which both drivers mentioned that they were, because they danced together.

“Yes we walk too, as well as Erik that if he is dancing and there is someone next to him, they also walk,” said Legarreta, while Paul assured that they were walking because ‘El Negro’ Araiza had already been vaccinated.

This situation was the joke of the moment, as Galilea Montijo joined the mockery and questioned what they will say about the kisses that she and Andrea give, so Erik Rubín’s wife chose to summon a kiss between all.

“We’d better kiss each other so that they keep saying,” concluded the famous driver who says she is very much in love with her husband.

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