The huge heart of the host of the morning show TODAY, Andrea Legarreta, has led her to support the people who are having a hard time in this global contingency. This after the television star published a video through his Instagram account, in which he stated that he will give 25 pantries to Mexican families, who cannot stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This week I start with 25 families and I will be choosing more families as the days go by and the way in which I will deliver it will be only via direct messages, where they briefly tell me about their situation, ”Legarreta wrote.

The also actress, explained that she will use the home delivery service of supermarkets to deliver the pantries to families. He added that this challenge was proposed by the driver Maca Carriedo. Legarreta in turn nominated her husband, Erik Rubín, Montserrat Oliver, Sofía Villalobos, Alex Gou, Carlos Rivera, Miguel Herrera and the producer of TODAY, Magda Rodríguez, who also accepted this challenge and promised to deliver the same number of pantries.