Andrea Legarreta does not break the silence: Erik Rubín is captured dancing with two young women

Andrea Legarreta’s husband lives today tremendous controversy. The singer and member of Timbiriche was caught at what appears to be a party, dancing with two young men. His wife, the host of Televisa’s Hoy Program, does not appear in any of the images. The photographs have been shared by the “Chicapicosa2” Instagram account, who in one of the images shared the following information, requesting to keep her identity always anonymous: “Hello, anonymous, please. I saw some stories of an influencer that I follow and she is partying with Andrea Legarreta’s husband ”.

Due to the images there are many that they have already sentenced the singer and have hung the name of infidel. Others even highlight, in a pejorative way, the fact that Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio they fought to “death” by the interpreter who in the end decided to make his life together with one of the most beloved television conductors on the Mexican screen.

It must be stated that for the closing of this note neither Andrea nor her husband have made any statements in this regard. Both have been sharing videos and images through their Instagram stories, but they have not addressed what is said today about Rubín.

Some believe that the driver will keep quiet, that she will not break the silence and is characterized by being one of those who prefers to “wash dirty laundry at home”, even though she is a well-known celebrity in her country. And it is that only on Instagram she has more than five million followers.

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