Andrea Gaudenzi has taken over as President of the ATP in a very complicated moment, with one of the most important exceptional situations of the last decades in the whole world, hitting the economy hard, and with it the celebration of all professional sporting events. The Italian has made recent statements about everything that is happening and has opened the door for the grass tour to be played, although the decision should be taken when the virus does not pose any threat.

“Unfortunately, the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt in all areas of society,” Gaudenzi began in his statement. “As in our players, tournaments and the ATP circuit. This is bigger than any sport. The current situation raises many questions that we empathize with a lot, and we are working hard to evaluate all the options.”

“We must avoid making hasty decisions without knowing first when the crisis will end”

Make decisions only when the situation allows. “Our ability to address any support measure will be better guided once we know the duration of the crisis and when the circuit will resume, which is still unknown at this time. This remains an evolving situation that will require considerable time to deal with in the coming weeks and months, and we must avoid making hasty decisions without first knowing when the crisis will end. Understanding the full duration and scale of this crisis will be essential to address any action related to its impact. “

Can the grass tour be played? “We continue evaluating all options related to preservation and maximization of the calendar based on various return dates for the circuit. It goes without saying that full cooperation with the other governing bodies is essential. We are in close discussion with all the grass events and they remain on the schedule as scheduled at this time. The reality is that this is a rapidly evolving situation and there is no other option but to take this day by day and week by week. “

Italian, Gaudenzi is also suffering a little more personally. “On a personal level, the stories I have heard from acquaintances in Italy are heartbreaking. The need to take this seriously, stay home and practice responsible social distancing is paramount and we urge everyone to spread this important message in the coming days and weeks. “