At 36 years of age and facing the 16th season in the NBA, Andre Iguodala he begins to see the end of his professional career.

After numerous rumors, the three-time NBA champion and 2015 Finals MVP has set a date for his retirement. « I have about a year or two left, » the forward told USA Today. “I’m serious this time. I don’t have more than two years of play left. « 

After six seasons with the Golden State Warriors, the veteran forward made the Memphis Grizzlies last summer. There he would never wear shorts and in February he would be transferred to the Miami Heat, your current team. With those of Florida he signed a renewal for two seasons and 30 million subject to a team option.

In his six games in Orlando, he averages 5.8 points, 4 rebounds and 3.8 assists in 24 minutes per night. Meanwhile, his coach Erik spoelstra is delighted with it. « I enjoy the opportunity to train him. »