Andre Drummond, a balm or a weight for the Philadelphia Sixers?

He was one of the proper names of the summer, one of those players who was called to be linked with various NBA teams is Andre Drummond. After managing your buyout with Cleveland Cavaliers, the center joined the ranks of one of the biggest contenders such as Los Angeles Lakers, but his stay in the Angelina franchise was not guaranteed for more than half a year.

From the Staples Center they wanted to retain the North American center, but they did not succeed in the absence of salary space in their offseason plans. At that moment appeared Philadelphia Sixers that, precisely, he had lost Dwight Howard hours before as the alternative for his position of 5.

To downplay Joel Embiid in the paint and minutes during many regular-season matches, Andre Drummond is an interesting front-office move led by Daryl Morey. However, there are many who highlight the negative aspects of his arrival on the Doc Rivers roster.

Which are?

Although Andre Drummond He is an excellent scorer and a center with more than remarkable qualities, the reality is that, in these precise moments, the Philadelphia Sixers has the two worst percentages from the free throw line on his team.

Neither Andre Drummond nor Ben simmons they have a shooting threat that goes beyond the most absolute vicinity of the rim. Neither free throws, nor middle distance, nor three-point throws.

Thus, the Sixers could count on quintets that greatly sinned from that lack of threat in the launching that would relieve the work of the opposing defenses.

For now, Drummond’s arrival at Phila cannot be overly positive or negatively assessed. It will depend a lot on the version of the player we see, on his fit in the systems and the players around him, who must have the complementary skills of the American center.

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