Andor will bring back a great star from the Star Wars universe

The series starring Captain Cassian Andor will premiere next year. The show has not stopped being news in the last hours.

The franchise of Star wars increasingly reaffirms its success and validity, which has been constantly increasing thanks to new productions. The alliance of Lucasfilm with Disney, and the emergence of the latter’s streaming platform, helped the brand to boost itself greatly.

This impulse came about because titles such as The Mandalorian, the seventh season of Clone wars Y The Bad Remittance. Those mentioned were criticized very positively by the audience and the specialized media.

Thus the things, the guts of the executives of the universe in question were opened in search of new opportunities. Even adjustments were made in the creative direction, in which they placed Dave Filoni, the great mind behind the series mentioned above.

With all this, the company announced plans for more and more deliveries, which already excite all fans of the galactic brand. One of the most anticipated is Andor, show that will serve as a spin-off to the film Rogue one.

The program, which will be based on the story of the rebel captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) before the events of the recently mentioned film, it will arrive in 2022 in the catalog of Disney +. It has not stopped being news in recent hours.

It was recently commented that Duncan pow, who plays Ruescott MelshiI would go back for the project. However, this would not be the great news.

For its part, The Playlist confirmed that Forest whitaker will return in the role of Saw Gerrera to the world of Star Wars for this production.

Thus, Andor will have two great references in the saga, in addition to offering endless possibilities to include the character of Whitaker in the plot.

However, on the other hand, other members of the great cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story they have not yet confirmed their presence.

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