AndoniiPM finishes in the top 3 of the third qualifier of the Global Series

The third qualifier of the FIFA 21 Global Series finished with a Spaniard in third place. AndoniiPM he finished third in the European tournament and was just one step away from the grand final, where he could have been eligible for victory.

His game throughout the championship made him glimpse. Andoni is in top shape. Very close to achieving one of his objectives: to be champion of the continent. He has shown not only that he can achieve it, but confirms the progression of Spanish FIFA at the highest level.

Andoni was not only in the qualifier played yesterday, February 21. Of six classified for the outcome, three were Spanish. By his side they played Neat Y Adriman, Both of DUX Gaming. Those of the infinite club did not manage to pass the first meeting. Adriman was also Andoni’s first rival.

The meeting soon turned to face for the rider, very successful in the face of goal. ANDHe from DUX didn’t have his best day. He came to the area in danger on several occasions, but inexplicably missed two very clear, which could have turned the game around.

ANDAndoni’s next step was before DPeixoto7, which had previously eliminated Neat. The game was very tight. So much so that in the first leg they ended with a 3-goal draw. In the return, Andoni managed to be superior to the Portuguese and finished with a 3-1 that put him at least in the top 3.

The road to the grand final was twisted after losing to Hashtag player Tom. It was not a painful defeat, far from it. The two games were lost by the minimum, but it did give the feeling that we were not going to be able to defeat our rival.

Finally, the PlayStation tournament ended up in the hands of Levi de Weerd, of the Team Gullit team, and the Xbox one went to those of XMusti19.