Anderson Silva sends him a warning Julio César Chávez Jr

A few weeks after the lawsuit between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and the former fighter of the UFC, Anderson Silva, things started to heat up a bit, the Brazilian I send a letter to the Mexican and he is already waiting for the day to get into the ring.

During a talk with the media, Anderson Silva, He stated that he is going for everything for the victory against him Jr, He was even motivated to undertake a new facet in his career.

“Of course I think I can stop him (to Chávez) for that I am preparing. Boxing is an incredible sport, I have done it a lot, maybe not professional. I keep training and this opportunity is incredible, because it is not a test for anyone, it is a personal challenge. When I go to the ring I’ll do my best and I will put my passion, “he explained Silva.

He also stated that to achieve a great performance above the ring, I would have thought of looking for more fights with boxers.

“If this goes well, he could go for other fighters. But my focus right now is only on Chavez and let’s see how it turns out. Boxing is an old sport and it is not for everyone, but I have tried to do something special for my fans and my Mexican fans, “he concluded.

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