Andalusia shows signs of improvement and reduces its incidence rate by 40 points in the last week

Time and mobility restrictions adopted by the Junta de Andalucía to curb the impact of the coronavirus in the community beginning to give results: the incidence rate has been reduced by 40.8 points in the last week.

These figures reflect the slight but progressive improvement in the region, which despite registering this Friday the highest daily rise in positives of the week -3,673 cases-, already adds up three consecutive days reducing the number of hospitalized.

According to an analysis carried out by Europa Press of the data recorded by the Ministry of Health between November 13 and 20, Andalusia registers this Friday a rate of 504.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last two weeks compared to 545.2 a week ago. The national average continues to be lower, with a rate of 436.2 positives.

Only Cádiz and Almería go up

The four provinces with the highest rate of infections, Granada, Jaén, Seville and Córdoba, are the only ones together with Malaga that have lowered their level of incidence in the period analyzed. The rest, Cádiz and Almería did increase their rate in the last week and Huelva kept exactly the same rate seven days ago, in all three cases below the Andalusian average. Only Granada, Jaén, Seville and Huelva continue to exceed 500 cases in 14 days for every 100,000 inhabitants that Health classifies as “very high risk.”

So, Pomegranate has reduced its incidence level in the last week by 176.6 points, going from a rate of 1,041.2 on the 13th to another of 864.6 this Friday; Jaen It has done so by 114.9 points, from a rate of 809.3 to another of 694.1; Cordova has lowered it by 113.7 points, from a rate of 562.2 to another of 448.5; Seville has decreased it by 65.3 points, from a rate of 572.5 to another of 507.2; Y Malaga has cut it by 3.7 points, going from a rate of 304.5 to another of 300.8.

Conversely, Cádiz registers the highest increase of the incidence level in the last seven days, in which it has increased its rate by 79.2 points, from 401.4 on the 13th to 480.6 this Friday, while Almeria has increased by 20.9 points from a rate of 421.8 to another of 442.7. For its part, the province of Huelva this Friday registers the same rate as a week ago, 505.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days.