Andalusia registers the second worst death toll of the entire pandemic, 89 deaths

East Tuesday, November 17, Andalusia adds 89 deaths, the second worst figure of the entire pandemic in this second wave that is being worse than the first. The fight against the coronavirus does not stop in this autonomous community, all efforts are focused on protecting the weakest and providing them with the necessary security. The Junta de Andalucía applies its restrictions to prevent mobility that could end up causing more infections. Despite this death toll, the number of positives has been improved, the better it is, the closer to ending this virus Andalusia will be.

The second worst death toll of the entire pandemic in Andalusia

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Andalusia continues to increase and it does so with figures that are not good at all. 89 people have lost the battle against this virusDespite the efforts of doctors and health personnel, added to the restrictions, today we must regret the second worst death toll since this pandemic began. Deaths that do not stop and that leave a remarkable trail during this past week.

These deaths today are added to those that have already been registered in the last days, 22 on Monday, 35 on Sunday, 41 on Saturday, 46 on Friday, 68 on Thursday, 62 on Wednesday and 95 on Tuesday. The 95 deaths just a week ago is the worst figure of the entire pandemic, this Tuesday a similar number has been reached, despite the fact that all efforts are made to lower these figures. Granada is the province with the highest number of deaths with 34, followed by Cádiz with 15, Seville with ten, Malaga with nine, Jaén with eight, Córdoba with six, Almería with five and Huelva with only two.

Not all the provinces of Andalusia fight against a virus that acts in the same way. Granada is the one with the worst rate, although it has been trying for weeks to reduce the number of infected. The good news, among the bad news, is that the detection of positives it is reduced to a number that has not been seen for weeks, only 1,899 cases which are 238 less than those recorded the previous day (2,127) and 956 less than those recorded seven days ago (2,845). By provinces, Seville repeats for the sixth consecutive day as the province with the most daily positives with 476, followed by Cádiz with 421, Malaga with 320, Jaén with 181, Granada with 166, Córdoba with 136, Almería with 110 and Huelva with 80.

Granada manages to reduce the rate of positives which is at its lowest levels in recent weeks. The restrictions seem to get results weeks after they start to apply. Andalusia tries to continue on its way to victory, in this fight that does not stop throughout the world. The numbers of deaths are the negative point of this Tuesday, November 17, the positive part is the decrease in the cases detected. A certain improvement is beginning to be perceived despite the bad news that is arriving, the Junta de Andalucía, begins to see its efforts reflected.