Andalusia registers the highest rise this week with 3,296 positives and 49 deaths

The rise in positives detected by PCR in Andalusia has been the most important registered this week. The 3,296 cases throw away the good figures of days gone by, the coronavirus does not seem to stabilize in this autonomous community. It rises by almost fifty more people, the figure of the previous day, but they are 1,441 less than those registered last Thursday. The best news of the day is the decrease in the number of deceased people, the worst possible data is adding deaths from this pandemic, in 24 hours there have been 49 deaths. This death toll is lower than the day before, but it does not mean that your guard should be lowered.

The highest increase this week in positives for coronavirus in Andalusia: 3,296 cases

Today, Thursday, November 19, 3,296 positives have been registered for coronavirus, they are 475 more than the 2,812 registered the previous day and 1,441 less than those registered last Thursday. The virus does not affect all provinces in the same way, Seville repeats for the eighth consecutive day as the province with the most daily positives with 805, followed by Granada with 608, Malaga with 406, Jaén with 372, Cádiz with 364, Córdoba with 288, Almería with 239 and Huelva with 214.

The good news of this day refers to the number of deaths, a total of 49 deaths This day is less than the 72 of the previous day and the 89 of Tuesday, but they exceed the six previous days: 22 on Monday, 35 on Sunday, 41 on Saturday and 46 on Friday. These 49 deaths are 19 less than the 68 registered last Thursday. It is a figure that invites hope, vulnerable people are the most affected by this virus. Residences for the elderly are in the sights of the Junta de Andalucía.

By provinces, those that have registered more deaths have been Seville with twelve, followed by Granada with nine, Jaén and Córdoba with seven, Malaga with six, Almería with four, Cádiz with three and Huelva with one. The deceased are in the provinces that register the most positive cases, for that reason an effective action plan is needed to begin to reduce these cases. Restrictions are on the order of the day in a community experiencing the worst second wave in the entire country. If Andalusia went through the first wave achieving good results, in this second period the positives and deaths do not stop.

Hospitals are beginning to notice a slight improvement, is one of the aspects that worries the most, the pressure that the virus exerts in this place. They add the second consecutive day with the lowest healthcare pressure due to the coronavirus, registering 119 fewer admitted in 24 hours to a total figure of 3,162. Of these 525 are in an intensive care unit (ICU), three less than the day before, when the highest number of the pandemic was recorded. A little hope for some days that are complicated, the restrictions have also reached Andalusia that applies a hard curfew and a closure of non-essential activities for hours, in a few days the results should begin to be visualized.