Andalusia registers the highest daily rise this week, 3,673 positives and 55 deaths

This Friday Andalusia registers the largest daily rise in positives this week, with 3,673 cases detected in just 24 hours. This maximum number at the doors of the weekend ends the optimism of days gone by, although it shows a clear downward trend when compared with the figures of previous weeks. The coronavirus seems to be starting to slow down a bit the advance through Andalusia in this second wave that is leaving worse figures than during the first. 55 people have lost the fight on this day that will be one more until the final battle, the moment when no more victims should mourn is getting closer and closer.

The highest daily rise in positives in Andalusia is registered today with 3,673 cases

The Advance of the virus in Andalusia continues to wreak havoc in some provinces. Not all receive the impact of this disease in the same way, in a single day the highest rise of the entire week has been detected with 3,673 cases. 377 more than the 3,296 registered the previous day and 810 less than those registered last Friday.

By provinces, the most affected is Seville, which repeats for the ninth consecutive day as the area of ​​Andalusia with more daily positives with 855, followed by Cádiz with 789 and Granada with 508. The rest of the provinces register less than 500 cases: Malaga with 447, Almería with 309, Jaén with 276, Huelva with 257 and Córdoba with 232. Granada continues to face the virus, being the province that has been restricted for the longest time, Jaén and Huelva remain at low levels.

To these positives are added the deceased, the other negative data of the journey. The 55 deaths on this day are six more than the 49 the day before, lower than the 72 on Wednesday and 89 on Tuesday, and exceed the figure of the four previous days: 22 on Monday, 35 on Sunday, 41 on Saturday and 46 last Friday. Outbreaks in residences, the sector most vulnerable to this disease, are the objective of the Junta de Andalucía, increasing the tests and isolating the positives is one of the keys to reducing this number of deaths.

In some of these outbreaks is the unequal distribution of the deceased, Córdoba is the province that registers the most deaths, with eleven, followed by Malaga with ten, Granada with nine, Seville with eight, Jaén with seven, Cádiz with five, Almería with three and Huelva with two. Despite having fewer cases detected, those that refer to nursing homes are the most dangerous as they are related to sectors that are vulnerable to the coronavirus that can cause a high mortality rate.

If this data is the maximum number of positives this week, the 3,673 cases will be showing a possible decline. Being far from the 5,000 cases detected a few weeks ago. The fight against the coronavirus is tough in Andalusia, which is doing its best to stop the advance of this disease throughout the territory. The next few days will be key to verify the operation of the restrictive measures that have been implemented to reduce mobility in the hope that it is the way to lower the rate of infections.