Andalusia registers 2,821 positive cases and adds 72 deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours

The coronavirus in Andalusia claims 72 deaths, the third highest figure in the entire pandemic. The second wave has come with too much force to an autonomous community that achieved a magnificent result during the first, there are more deaths in this second and with forceful measures than during the first. This high number of deaths is added to those registered a few days ago, 89 of this Tuesday and 95 of the previous Tuesday. Bad results that join ICUs that are still full of patients with this virus, without anything being done to stop the rate of infections.

72 deaths and 2,821 positive cases of coronavirus in Andalusia

A total of 72 deaths is the sad balance of this Wednesday, less than 89 the previous day, but they exceed the seven previous days: 22 on Monday, 35 on Sunday, 41 on Saturday, 46 on Friday, 68 on Thursday and 62 on last Wednesday. Deaths that should not have occurred and that have left a huge void for their families.

This second wave of coronavirus is hitting Andalusia too hardDespite the measures decreed a few months ago, nothing seems to stop the advance of this virus. By provinces, Jaén is the province with the highest number of deaths, with 21, followed by Seville, with 17 deaths, followed by Cádiz with nine, Córdoba and Malaga with five each, and Almería and Huelva with two each.

Added to these bad results that refer to the deceased are the positives detected, which are around 3,000 again after days of declines. They are 932 more than those recorded the previous day 1,889, but 559 less than those registered seven days ago 3,380. Seville repeats for the seventh consecutive day as the province with the most daily positives with 693, followed by Cádiz with 483, Granada with 471, Malaga with 318, Jaén with 236, Córdoba with 233, Almería with 218 and Huelva with 169.

One of the most worrying aspects of these positives are the outbreaks detected in nursing homes. Two new shoots appear in the residence San Rafael de Dos Hermanas, with 13 cases, eleven users and two workers, and in the San García de Algeciras residence (Cádiz), with 12 positives, four elderly and eight employees. This group is the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, the possibility of death from this disease increases as the infected person adds years and previous pathologies.

Andalusia, in addition to the danger in residences, has hospitals in its sights. There are more patients admitted at the moment in Andalusian hospitals than in March. A total of 3,281 patients require hospitalization, of which 528 are in an intensive care unit (ICU), four more than Tuesday and the highest number of the pandemic.

The Junta de Andalucía hopes that with the new measures established, infections will begin to decline. The fight does not stop in this autonomous community where it seems that the virus is beginning to be controlled little by little. Time is money with some hospitals that despite receiving some discharges have ICUs at maximum levels.