Andalusia celebrates that those hospitalized fall below 3,000, but add 3,424 positives and 50 deaths

The numbers begin to give Andalusia a break, in its fight against the coronavirus, has achieved a significant decrease in those hospitalized. Hospital beds occupied by coronavirus patients drop to less than 3,000. This fact is significant, like contagions, their decrease means that the danger of a possible hospital collapse is further and further away. The good number of hospitalizations contrasts with the number of positives and deaths, which remains high despite the restrictions that have been applied for weeks.

Those hospitalized decrease, but continue to add positives and deaths in Andalusia

Hospital pressure as a result of the coronavirus begins to decrease in Andalusia, hospitals add their fourth consecutive day with less pressure care for the coronavirus when registering 91 less admitted in 24 hours. To date there are 2,947 hospitalized with this disease, of which 512 are in an intensive care unit (ICU).

The UCI maintains worrying figures, but it improves because it is facing a series of seven less than the previous day and 16 less than on Wednesday when the highest figure of the pandemic was registered. This hopeful data guarantees an improvement in hospital care that will receive less pressure from this disease, we must not forget that it is not the only possible cause of hospitalization. The coronavirus continues to rise in Andalusia, but hospitals can and should treat other patients. The Covid protocol can delay medical appointments and tests that may develop relatively normally as there is a decrease in those hospitalized for this virus.

In reference to the number of infections, Andalusia adds 3,424 positives, 249 less than the 3,673 recorded the previous day and 771 less than those registered last Saturday. On this day, Granada leads the increase in infections, with 678, after Seville, which totals 669, has been the province with the most cases for nine days. Cádiz has registered 550 infections and the rest of the provinces add less than 500 cases: Jaén with 396, Malaga with 378, Almería with 304, Córdoba with 253 and Huelva with 196.

Granada returns one more day to star in the maximum number of infections which reaches 678 in this province, takes the leadership away from a Seville that manages to lower the number of positives a bit. By provinces, hopeful figures are being reached in Huelva, one of the least affected during these days. Waiting for the new restrictions to begin to bear fruit.

The negative data of this day is in the deceasedAndalusia adds 50 deaths in 24 hours, after 55 deaths were recorded on Friday, Thursday 49, Wednesday 72, Tuesday 89, Monday 22, Sunday 35, 41 last Saturday. Seville is the province that registers the most deaths, with 16, followed by Granada with ten. The rest of the province has less than ten deaths: Córdoba with seven, Cádiz with six, Malaga with five, Jaén with four, Almería with two. The only province that does not add deaths is Huelva´. The battle against the coronavirus in this second wave does not stop, the Junta de Andalucía is putting everything on its side before a series of data that invite optimism.