And to all this, what is the mission of Perseverance on Mars?

Perseverance was stronger. Curiosity won the battle against difficult times and in this 2021When it seemed that windows were our only ally, we had the opportunity to marvel once more. A small vehicle called Perseverance took us on a journey to the surface of Mars.

The rover of the POT seeks to land successfully in the Red planet and fulfill its interplanetary mission.


Photo: NASA

Physically, the Perseverance It is very similar to all the other ground vehicles that humanity has thrown at our galactic neighbor, like its cousins, the Opportunity or the Curiosity, it is a car that it weighs less than any compact car that we could see circulating in Peripheral.

It is 3 meters long, 2.7 meters wide and just over 2 meters high.

Plus, it comes armed with 6 tires to ride the rough Martian surface, an advanced temperature system to withstand cold debris and several cameras, all at a human eye height, to show us a unique panorama.

What is the mission of Perseverance?

We could spend hours talking about Perseverance and the technological advances that it carries in every inch, but the most impressive thing about this whole project is its mission.


Photo: NASA.

The mission of the POT he hopes to find signs of ancient life on Mars and take the first steps for a human visit.

The Perseverance load with a drill to retrieve soil samples. Those samples, which look for evidence of water or the like, are automatically packed in vials and will be kept until future missions bring them to Earth for analysis.

In addition, it includes a strange technology test that looks extract oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars which, regularly, is more than 90% carbon dioxide. If that test is successful, hold on, it would open the door for human exploration.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we could see a moment worthy of the Wright brothers.

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Along with Perseverance travels another vehicle called Ingenuity. That little compadre has been baptized as the Mars Helicopter and seeks to be the first piloted flight in the atmosphere of Mars.