And now the oldest / André Marín

After seeing the good performance that the Olympian showed last Wednesday against Panama, tonight, in Los Angeles, we have the other team against Nigeria.

I hope that the Africans will present themselves with their best team, because, if so, we will have a good synodal for the team. Martino a few days to start the Gold Cup.

The satisfactory of the team Lush is that they looked pretty good to be the first time they played together. It is a team that has a lot of potential and where all its members are first division starters and have even already passed through the first national team.

We have in Lainez the present and the future of Mexican soccer. The Betis player carries the 10 in a good way on his back and puts the team on his shoulder demonstrating the great quality he has.

The goal was achieved in Nasville, which was to make a lot of money, win the game and also the fans did not shout the visiting goalkeeper.

Today the business will be at its best because they will put 90 thousand people in the Colosseum and they are going to bill seriously. I hope that, in terms of football, the team shows a good face and is a good set-up before starting the Gold Cup.

Today is supposed to Funes mori He is going to debut with the national team and it will be very interesting to see him attack alongside Lush Y Crown, which forms a spectacular lead. What Ochoa She is with the Olympian, I imagine that Talavera will be the owner and the question remains as to who will be the captain before the injury of Saved. It’s a shame that Edson Alvarez Do not go to Tokyo, because Ajax did not lend it and now with the older team you will have the possibility of consolidating as the leader in the middle of the court because it has a lot of quality.

The ideal tonight at the stadium, where the 1984 Olympic games opened, will be to make a lot of money, play football well and win, sell a lot of beers and avoid fans yelling at the Nigerian goalkeeper.

The campaign that the federation has carried out is working, but I would not trust myself.

As long as managers do not meddle in the work of Martino and of Lush, things can work out and you can have an important summer. Win the Gold Cup and come back from Japan with a medal. If possible.

Hopefully we don’t have injuries, that we stop questioning the naturalized because, in the end, they are Mexican, and hopefully the team shows a good face.

The conditions are in place for everything to be a success tonight in Los Angeles.

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