Anastasiya Kvitko’s Huge Charms Overflow From Her Top

Huge charms of Anastasiya Kvitko overflow from her top (Instagram)

Anastasiya Kvitko’s Huge Charms Overflow From Her Top | Instagram

The beautiful model Russian woman whom many people know as “The Russian Kim Kardashian”, Anastasia Kvitko published a new photograph on her official Instagram account, in it she appears showing off her figure, however, her enormous charms were the ones that took the center stage of the publication because these are about to come off the top you are wearing.

Anastasia is also known as Anastasiya Kvitko in their social networks, as well as you find her in their accounts, although her last name is a bit difficult to pronounce and you may get a little confused at the time of writing it.

Perhaps so that you do not fight you would have to put the nickname with which today it is quite known “The Russian Kim Kardashian“, in the search engine news related to the model and celebrity of social networks of Russian origin immediately appear.

The publication of the beautiful Anastasia Kvitko was made exactly two days ago, on February 18, 2021, with more than 189 thousand like’s and almost 2,500 comments, her fans did not hesitate to mention a few compliments for her perfect figure, apparently this already it is a custom among a large part of his 12 million one hundred thousand followers.

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Kvitko is wearing pants that appear to be leather, this is brown, in addition to a top with extremely thin straps, it could be said that they barely support her huge charmsIt is more than evident that it does not have anything under it, although it is not transparent, you can distinguish something if you are very observant.


The model of Russian origin is an ambassador for a recognized clothing brand, what she is doing while looking in the mirror and taking a photo with her cell phone is promoting said brand which she mentioned in her description.

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From what can be seen in the image Anastasiya Kvitko is in the room that could be her house, this is quite wide, in the background you can see large vases with many roses on several occasions the beautiful model has received flowers perhaps on the part of her admirers or her partner, it is impossible to say since she is quite discreet in terms of her private life.

On several occasions we have seen it in publications where it is found in the staircase at the bottom of the photograph that he shared, such as the one he published on February 13 of this year.