The Russian tennis player Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova He gave an interview to Tennis Majors, where he took stock of all the news on the tennis scene, highlighting among other things the merger that could occur between ATP and WTA in the future on issues of equality between the sexes. In addition, he talked about how this confinement is happening in Russia and what hopes he has about whether tennis will return in 2020 or not.

-The financial aid that the lowest ranked players could receive during this tennis break:

“It is one of the topics that has been most talked about in recent weeks. It is a novel situation and at the same time necessary to defend our players. To analyze this we have observed the number of WTA tournaments that played, if he has suffered injuries, the topic of maternity, … We consider these things and many others. It must be very clear that all the players below the 500th place in the ranking are in negative numbers economically speaking throughout the year. In my case the situation is different, since I am in the top 30 and I have money raised from all these months. We are waiting for the Grand Slams to give us a cable on the economic issue. “

-Fusion between ATP and WTA:

“I am in favor of a change that is needed. There is no other sport where you play throughout the year and that is not very healthy for us. We also have to seriously analyze the distribution of cash prizes, since there are many inequalities. I knew the idea of ​​merging ATP and WTA since last October at a Players Council meeting. We will see how this develops, but initially there are a good number of players who are in favor of this, but that players like Federer or Nadal in favor will help us to make this finally happen. Sooner or later we will succeed. “

-How is confinement living in Moscow:

“We are still officially in it until the end of this month. I am spending this quarantine with my family and training every day. I am trying to maintain a professional routine so as not to physically decline. The fact of having a tennis court next to home It is a great thing, since I train with my brother and then with my father, who was my first coach in my childhood. It would have been too difficult to do this quarantine without tennis. It is a pity that all this happened, since I started very The year was good and I had high expectations for the Indian Wells and Miami tournament. Now it seems that the situation is improving somewhat and we have to keep calm while waiting to hear the news about whether tennis will return or not. This time off has allowed me doing things that I have never been able to do before when traveling around the world for months and months. “

-Will tennis return in 2020 ?:

“I am not sure if this will happen. You look at the calendar and you see that if tennis returns on schedule, we would return on the North American tour. Currently there is a very bad thing and I do not know if we would be prepared for those dates. I am a person who would love to return to tennis as soon as possible, but I’m not very optimistic. We are a very international sport and in our case it is much more complicated than other sports. For me, the easiest thing would be to travel from Russia to France to train at the Academy de Mouratoglou, where I usually spend more time preparing for tournaments. I will train there when I can so that I can prepare physically alongside other tennis players. “