Anastasia Kvitko’s bodysuit, her favorite as well as transparent

Anastasia Kvitko’s bodysuit, her favorite as well as transparent | Instagram

The model Anastasia Kvitko shared in her Instagram stories a photo with which she conquered more than one of her fans again, because she wore a transparent bodysuit.

The pretty young celebrity also known as “The Russian Kim Kardashian“Due to her huge and voluptuous curves, this time she decided to show off her later charms in a photo.

Anastasia kvitko She has become quite active in her posts through her stories, in which she continually asks her fans whether or not she should upload a photo.

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Survey from which you cannot see the reactions, but which must undoubtedly be quite a few, because the content of the stories can only be seen by the user who shared them.

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While lying on her stomach showing her beautiful curves, the Russian model, in addition to wearing this transparent body, is also wearing a kind of harness that draws even more attention, especially because it makes the imagination of her fans fly.


Maybe soon we will see a photo with him on Kvitko’s Instagram, probably wearing his enormous charms from another angle to pamper his fans.