Anastasia Kvitko surpasses Demi Rose wearing her charms

Anastasia Kvitko surpasses Demi Rose wearing her charms | Instagram

Although Demi Rose is widely known as a celebrity on social networks, this time the russian model Anastasia Kvitko surprised everyone, surpassing her by far thanks to a video.

Thanks to her most recent video posted on Instagram, the coquette Anastasia kvitko managed to cause netizens to forget the flirtatious Demi Rose for a few moments, since she is looking better than ever.

Wearing a dress that when wearing it caused her enormous charms to stand out exponentially, leaving aside the British beauty.

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This is the latest post from Kivkto, who is also known as “The Russian Kim Kardashian“because of her exquisite figure.


East short dress It was beige in color, it left part of its ribs visible due to the fact that it had some cuts on the sides, which gave this garment an even more striking touch, especially for the upper part that left a little more of due.

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For this beautiful model it is easy to wear this type of garment, because it is the owner of a spectacular one, so whatever she is wearing tends to wear it immediately and like a queen.

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