Anastasia Kvitko looks like flirty Jessica Rabbit!

Anastasia Kvitko looks like flirty Jessica Rabbit! | Instagram

Beautiful and with enormous charms the russian model Anastasia Kvitko wore an outfit that immediately caught the attention of Internet users, due to the fact that she wore a great resemblance to Jessica Rabbit .

How to forget Roger Rabbit’s wife, one of the most beautiful and especially flirtatious cartoons in animation, no doubt on several occasions some young people wanted to look very similar to her.

It seems that who could approach her look is her own Anastasia Kivkto , who is another celebrity who continually steals the hearts of Internet users thanks to her figure and especially her charms.

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Kvitko is wearing a kind of leather raincoat that is adjusted with a belt at the waist, in addition to the black and red stockings it seems that it is the only thing she is wearing.


Thanks to the deep neck that it has Anastasiya Kivkto , Her enormous charms are a little visible to her followers, looking tanned and perfect for millions, as an accessory she decided to wear a hat that combines perfectly with her outfit, since it is red at the bottom.

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The model who they also call ” The Russian Kim Kardashian “He lifted his raincoat and showed part of his shapely leg ending with a pair of beautiful red pointed sneakers.

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