Anastasia Kvitko harness captivates and surpasses Cela Lora!

Anastasia Kvitko harness captivates and surpasses Cela Lora! | Instagram

Russian model Anastasia Kvitko shared a photo of her kneeling wearing a transparent bodysuit and a harness, it seems that Celia lora is a beginner next to her.

Being both renowned celebrities who with each of their captivating publications manage to impress millions, it would be difficult to decide on one of them, Anastasia kvitko and Celia Lora have no physical resemblance.

Despite this, they coincide with many things, both obtain profits for showing off their figure on pages of exclusive content, the more they show it seems that the more they earn.

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Something in which they also agree is that the two apparently like to wear a harness and transparent bodysuits, as it is not the first time that content of this type has been shared


Wearing pointed sneakers, fishnet stockings and transparencies the beautiful curvy model He managed to win the admiration and sighs of his followers, this publication was made through his stories on Instagram.

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In the publication she asked if anyone wanted to see her being a DJ to which some of her fans immediately replied that they were eager to see her, with this text she covered part of her superior charms that were exposed.