Anastasia Kvikto hits with a tiny black swimsuit!

Anastasia Kvikto impacts with a tiny black swimsuit! (Instagram)

Anastasia Kvikto hits with a tiny black swimsuit! | Instagram

Any pretext to show off her charms is valid, Anastasia Kvikto known as “The Russian Kim Kardashian” managed to earn this nickname precisely for her voluptuous charms that she showed off with a tiny Swimwear black color.

Born in Kaliningrad, Russia the beautiful model with brown eyes and brown hair Anastasia Kvikto Little by little it has become more known on social networks, especially for its large curves that attract so much attention, of course there are people who say that it is the result of aesthetic adjustments, others simply enjoy seeing it in their publications.

Something that on several occasions russian model He has admitted that his entire figure is completely natural, which is why he is a bit uncomfortable with the nickname that Internet users have given him with a lot of love and admiration.

The popularity of Anastasia Kvikto It is due in large part to the content that she shares on social networks and the nickname with which her fans decided to baptize her, although very little information is known about her personal life, her millions of fans are on the lookout for any information she shares, even if it is tiny , all to know a little more about what they consider to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Today each of his publications has more than 200 thousand “Likes” this because every day he shares new content he finds a way to do it in the most daring way, whether it be a swimsuit, tight or tiny outfit .

The same thing happened on May 4, 2020, where I was promoting a famous clothing brand, Anastasia Kvikto She is not the only ambassador of these garments, but she is one of the spoiled thanks to her enormous charms, it could be considered a great competition from the British model Demi Rose, with whom she has a certain physical resemblance.

The pieces that she is using in her publication are two in black, with thin straps that can barely hold her charms, Anastasia Kvikto is sitting on her bed so the lower part is not easy to identify, you can only see a few thin strips.


The beautiful and captivating model was also accompanied by a kind of transparent pink robe, it seems that she is taking it off because it is close to her back, sliding a little down her arms.

Fresh and sweet “,” It can’t be better “,” Necessary title “,” I want to kiss this “, wrote some fans.

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Like any beautiful woman Anastasia Kvikto manages to provoke several reactions among his followers, who constantly and immediately begin to react to his publications, writing in the comment box the most creative and risque possible compliments, despite this the model always keeps her comment box active it is rare that he blocks it like other celebrities who choose better to omit what their followers write.

It seems that Anastasia Kvikto has joined the OnlyFans community, she is not the only celebrity who has decided to sell her content, among the list we find other personalities, you may identify some:

Cardi B – Rapper Suzy Cortez – Brazilian model Noelia – Singer Bella Thorne – Actress and singer Ana Cheri – American model Joselyn Cano – American model

So far Anastasia Kvikto has more than 300 photographs and around 90 videos, you cannot know the number of subscribers it has, in order to become a subscriber you must first create an account, pay your monthly fee and then enjoy the content.

Surely Kvikto concentrates on the content of her OnlyFans since she has not published anything on Instagram for several days, we hope that she will surprise us again for sure her fans already miss her.

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