Analysts see electoral cost risks due to COVID management

The general director of Mexico Evalúa, Edna Jaime, and journalists Lourdes Mendoza and Salvador Camarena spoke about the effects of the management of the COVID-19 pandemic on the results of the midterm elections on June 6, in which they will be in game 15 governorships and the formation of the Chamber of Deputies.

By participating in the virtual forum of EL FINANCIERO Polarization, vaccines and votes, Edna Jaime considered that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will pay the cost of the “erratic” handling of both the pandemic and the vaccination process against COVID-19.

According to the public policy specialist, the solution to the health emergency will be a long and complicated process.

In the forum moderated by the journalist Héctor Jiménez Landín, EL FINANCIERO columnist Lourdes Mendoza estimated, coincidentally, that, in fact, the president and his party are already costing them the mismanagement of the pandemic: “If you see the polls A year ago, Morena was going to sweep the elections in June 2021. However, today things are different. There is talk that today Morena could take (win) between eight and nine governorships, and the majority in Congress would be in question, “he said.

The journalist also expressed that it is not seen that the López Obrador government is going to change the strategy to face the pandemic, which, so far, has left 178,108 dead in Mexico.

However, journalist Salvador Camarena considered that, despite the erratic nature of the pandemic, the president and his party will not pay an electoral cost, since it still maintains levels of acceptance among citizens, according to polls.

The also collaborator of this newspaper also asserted that López Obrador is very “empowered”, after the Electoral Court revoked the agreement approved by the INE, in which it issued guidelines for the Executive to limit its expressions in the morning conferences in the context electoral.

“It is a decision that is not surprising. This court is useless, it has no credibility, it is, since López Obrador arrived, captured, ”he said.

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