The famous stock market analyst Carlos Dogido signs for broker BlackBird, where he will be dedicated to advising for retail investors. Dogido is a founding partner of the financial advisory company Ágora and a regular contributor to various financial media outlets. From now on, your analysis will share space with that of Gisela Turazzini and Marc Ribes, the leaders of BlackBird and two of the best-known traders in Spain.

As confirmed by Bolsamania, Folded He will combine his work in both firms. The analyst does not have any shareholding restrictions at Ágora Asesores Financieros and also holds the majority of the EAF shares.

“We are reorienting the firm towards other businesses”, explains the Folded himself. From now on, Ágora will stop advising for retailers and will focus its activity on institutional investors, although nevertheless EAF has recently stopped advising the funds it had with Inversis Gestión through different compartments.

The trader started his professional career at GVC Gaesco in 1995, and today he is one of the most influential technical analysts in Spanish finance. In 2002, he founded Bolságora, the first online technical advisory tool created in Spain, by Ágora Asesores Financieros, of which he is also a founding partner. For eight years, between 2006 and 2014, he was the head analyst and the director of Strategy for Ecotrader, the tool of ‘El Economista’, and since 2014 he is a collaborating technical analyst for ‘El Confidencial’.

For its part, BlackBird was born in 2012 and, from the outset, Turazzini and Ribes have sought to position the firm as one of the benchmarks for trading in Spain and Latin America. Its activities focus on trading, stock market formation and analysis of indices and values. BlackBird Wealth Management owns 35% of the Barcelona securities agency ACapital BB, through which it operates, agency of which Juan Pablo Tusquets (belonging to one of the most famous financial families in Catalonia) has 45% and the limited company Prat D’Adalt (from Tressis partner Guillermo Poch) the other 20%.