LaMelo Ball is, without a doubt, the next big star NBA draft. In fact, it is the only star. He is the only one of the candidates to play in the best league in the world next year, which is already famous, which has already signed with a brand of shoes, which has its own television show …

Not yet 19 years old, Ball has already gone through the High School, the JBA League, the NBL and even the Lithuanian league. Much is expected of him. In fact, many are the ones who point out that his impact in the league is going to be greater than that of his brother Lonzo Ball, the current starting base of the New Orleans Pelicans.

From Ball we can start talking about his weak points, which today are his physique, his athletic and defensive capacity. Which is not that they are horrible, but they can be improved. Otherwise, it has the perfect body of a base.

He has an amazing passing ability, he shoots well, he handles the ball well, he has leadership on the court and everything indicates that he has a lot of room for improvement in all the good he already does.

So today there is no one who does not bet on him in one of the first three elections of the next Draft. Everything will logically depend on what the teams need in terms of positions, but it is a sensational base capable of leading a long-term project. We will see it very soon.