It is undeniable that Turkish fiction has found its place on our television. The series produced in Turkey triumph on our screens and proof of this is the great audience data that countless of these fictions have garnered in our country, in Nova, Antena 3 and Divinity essentially. But making a Turkish product work is not easy and there are also many bets that have not managed to convince viewers this time. In Mediaset Spain they have been able to verify it and that is that while some products have had a very positive following in Divinity, as is the case of ‘Kara Sevda (Eternal Love)’ or ‘Erkenci Kus: Soaker Bird’, others failed to gain a foothold.

Demet Özdemir and Furkan Palali in ‘Room 309’

That has not happened with ‘Room 309’, Turkish fiction starring Demet Özdemir and Furkan Palali. After a few weeks in which the Turkish series did not stand out on the chain, This bet has already become one of the most followed products of the Mediaset theme; It is clear that those responsible were right by betting on it. Today it averages 2.8% share and 298,000 viewers, improving this figure to a 3.8% of women aged 16 to 44 are concerned; Potential audience for the subject and one of the most demanded by advertisers, it should also be noted.

This is the audience of ‘Room 309’

This is the audience of ‘Room 309’

The Serie works much better among women (3.7%) than men (1.5%) and obtains its best audience rates in the 35 to 54 year-old target, specifically achieving 3.3% in this audience segment. At the same time, write a 2.9% share in the audience between 4 and 34 years old2.6% among viewers aged 55 to 64 and 2.4% among those over 65. It should also be noted that with a 2.8% average share, this manages to improve Divinity’s average, which stands at 2.3% and also has managed to raise the data of the strip by +0.8 points. The afternoon of the chain achieved in June 2020 (when the series was not broadcast) an average share of 1.9%, and in August this figure has increased to 2.7% of average screen share.

This is how ‘Room 309’ has evolved

Regarding the weekly evolution of the series, we can see how in its first week it scored a 2.3% share and 257,000 viewers, while in the first week of September, ‘Room 309’ has reaped 2.8% share and 295,000 viewers, thus evidencing its positive trend; signing a share increase of 21.7% from one week to the next. It should also be noted that the series achieved its best audience ratings in the week of August 17 to 21, 2020, when it averaged 3.2% share and 333,000 viewers, with the one on 08/18/2020 being its most viewed broadcast up to the date (461,000 viewers). On the other hand, also note that this has also managed to occupy 50% of the bets of the 10 most viewed broadcasts in Divinity weekdays, thus appearing on five occasions and occupying second and third place in the ranking.

Weekly audience evolution of ‘Room 309’

A very good social performance

The series has also managed to stand out on the Mediaset Spain video platform and that is ‘Room 309’ It is already the most viewed content on Mitele since its premiere, according to data provided by the communication group. In terms of social performance, the series has accumulated 40,000 comments since its premiere and made its premiere the third with the most interaction among Turkish Divinity fictions, collecting more than 3,800 messages. At the same time, Lale and Onur’s wedding registered the second best social interaction data in fiction, accumulating around 2,300 comments and both the hashtag « # EstrenoHabitación309 » as the wedding « # H309LaBoda » were positioned within the top 10 trends of Twitter during its broadcast. Finally, it is worth highlighting its high ‘engagement’ with an average of 10 comments per social user, which is more common in reality shows and not in fictions.

Demet Özdemir and Furkan Palali in ‘Room 309’

Why has it worked so well?

One of the reasons for its success undoubtedly resides in the launch strategy carried out by Mediaset Spain. On the one hand, the series benefited from its simultaneous premiere on Telecinco and Divinity. The joint broadcast on both channels gave it great visibility; Mediaset managed to create the sensation of an event in its premiere, something that possibly caught the attention of many of the viewers of the group’s first chain. Parallel, the entire promotional campaign on television and social networks was also especially careful, something that could also be important when it comes to attracting viewers who did not hesitate to give the product a try.

On the other hand, ‘Room 309’ features Demet Özdemir, one of the most beloved faces by Divinity viewers. She starred in ‘Erkenci Kus’ with Can Yaman, a product that had great social relevance in our country and with which she managed to rise to fame in our territory. Possibly having her as the protagonist has been essential for many viewers to decide to give the product a try. And finally, once given the opportunity, the series a niche has been made to fit completely with the style of the fictions already broadcast previously in Divinity; Modern, funny and even surreal series of the romantic comedy genre.