Analysis of groups, favorites and basketball predictions Tokyo 2021

Basketball is one of the star sports of each Olympic event and this time it could not be less in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021. The American team has formed a very particular Dream Team, with Kevin Durant as an offensive reference, but many other players with a varied and very competitive cut. The objective is to recover the pride and dominance of world basketball after the blushing fall in the World Cup, something for which they will need their best level since teams like Spain, Australia or France seem to have many ballots to be able to look for a big surprise.

Structured in three groups of four members each, the Olympic basketball tournament is made up of 12 national teams. The first two of each group and the two best third parties are classified, so the difference in points of each match seems key to determining who gets into the quarterfinals. It begins on July 25 and ends on August 8, being one of the sports that lasts during the two weeks of the Olympic event.

Group A: USA, France, Iran and Czech Republic

A luxury combination presented by the Americans, who will want to avoid any scare against France, their rival on the first day. The Gauls arrive with Gobert as the great bulwark of a team full of talent and experience, which aspires to the maximum. Few options to surprise Iran and the Czech Republic of Satoransky and Vesely, who will try to explore the options of passing as third group, although it seems complicated.

Group B: Australia, Nigeria, Germany and Italy

Impressive group of death with four teams very evenly matched with each other and in which anything can happen. There is no doubt that Australia starts with the need to confirm its upward trend and will want to show that it is capable of a great success that is narrowly resisting, but it will have very little margin for error against a Nigeria full of NBA players, and two European teams with plenty of talent, the Italians from Gallinari being candidates to surprise.

Group C: Spain, Slovenia, Argentina and Japan

“La Familia” wants to give itself a new tribute and fire its most illustrious members as they deserve. They are presented as great favorites in a table in which they should win with solvency against Japan and take advantage of the weaknesses in the interior game of Argentina, which will rely on Laprovittola and Campazzo, as well as on Scola’s experience and Deck’s versatility, to believe in the miracle. And it is that a team with Luka Doncic always starts with options for something great, even if it does not have all the company that it would want for a challenge of this entity.

JJ.OO. Tokyo 2021. First order of play

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